Saturday, September 27, 2008

After a weeks without blogging..

There are lot of things happened during my break.
Lots of extreme emotions and unexplainable feelings.
I now realized that everything is REAL.
If you believe you will survive, if you don't you will not.
Always stay positive even at the last minute because there is no impossible if you will believe.

Now that I realized those things, I may now focus more on my studies
Life would not be REAL if you do not know the real essence of it.
The REAL essence of its existence.
Knowledge cannot be test only in school but in your everyday life.
If you only teach FACTS, then your life may not be completed
but if you teach life, you may find out or you will know  your self well.

My professors are not just only my professors but they are my advisers.
They teaches life.
I was so thankful when I met them.
I owe them a lot.
I want to learn more from them but of course I also want to learn more from my experiences.

Our life is like a line; like my professor in literature and arts said; 
It composes of infinite points that makes it a straight line and sometimes a curve line.
Our life will never be completed if there will be no experiences/challenges and other people in our life.
We can never be whole by our own means.
Of course we need them; our family, friends, love ones etc...; to make our life whole.

Let us not forget to thank those people who taught us life and also to those who do not.
They also become part of our life so lets not forget them.
Forgetting ones humility is a mortal sin.